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Acrylic Velvet Rugs

It is made of 100% Acrylic Velvet and makes a home look and feel warm. Measuring 170 x 240

Burgundy, Red, Hunter Green, Navy Blue, Black, Beige, Brown, Pink and Light Blue
Call to check on Availability on size and color.

Big Loop Slice Rug

For those who like to keep their home décor simple and elegant, the Big Loop Slice Rug is a great accent to the floor. The rug features big loop weaving. Soft polypropylene construction makes it a pleasure to step on. Choose among different rug sizes. Lay this single color rug or runner at the entrance of your living room or bedroom.

Bright Shag Rugs

This rug is a great way to brighten up any room in your home. Area rugs are as important as other items of decor to make a room complete. These rugs have fur-like detailing that adds great style when synchronized with your decor. Choose your color and brighten up your decor.